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Blue Revolution -

Blue Revolution has created good potential for fisheries development in the country. An increased demand for fisheries development in the country attracts people from all sectors rather traditional fisherman and people from coastal belt. Adopting new technologies, like aquaponics, backyard fish ponds / tanks are allowed us setting up fisheries activities even in a restricted little spaces.

Fisheries Finance -

Bank branches provides finance to fisheries related activities such as Inland fisheries (construction of fish ponds, purchase of seeds, feeds etc.), Marine fisheries (in-shore, off-shore, deep sea fishing) and brackish water scheme. Individual, fishermen, co-op societies, companies can avail loan.

Purpose - Scale of Finance:-:-

Fisheries loan provides farmers to generate additional income by providing loan for buying Integrated Fish Farming, Fish Seeds, Fish Net, Construction of New Ponds, Renovation / Reclamation of Ponds and Tanks, Construction of Fresh Water Prawn, Fish Hatchery, and other equipment.

QBuildcon's role:-

We, at Qbuildcon, have tie-ups with bank branches in the areas we have our properties in. We can help you in getting in touch with the bank officials and making it easy for you to go through the loan application process.
We will ensure full assistance from our end to get any kind of agriculture related loan disbursed at the earliest and in the easiest possible way.

Bank Credit Facilitation -

We have done tie-ups with the following banks:

१) Bank of Maharashtra

2) State Bank of India

3) Union Bank of India

4) ICICI Bank

5) Central Bank of India