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Government Work Assistance

A large number of works are needed to be done in the real estate sector related to revenue department and other government departments for which we will provide assistance. These include :

1) Land Conversion to N.A (Non Agricultural) -

Land can be called non-agricultural land if any activity like development is carried over on the agriculture land which makes agriculture land unfit for cultivation.

As per the Maharashtra Land Revenue Code rules, before carrying out any development on the agriculture land, an eligible person need to apply to the collector for the permission to convert the use of agricultural land into the non-agricultural purpose or to change the use of land from one non-agricultural purpose to another non-agricultural purpose.

Documents required for land conversion-

1) Site report including 7/12 Extract and mutation entries.

2) Certified copy of record of rights

3) Drawing of the proposed building and site layout showing roads/ other transportation means

4) No objection Certificate (NOC) from PWD

5) No Objection Certificate (NOC) from owner of other land if approach road goes through that land

6) Written consent of tenant/superior holder/occupant

7) If Urban Ceiling Act 1976 is applicable, then No objection Certificate under the same Act.

2) Zone Change -

We can help you in rezoning of your land to allow you to use your property for the purpose you want.

If the property owner wants his land used in a way not presently permitted by his zoning district, he can request a classification change to allow his desired use of the property. This process of changing the zoning classification is known as "rezoning". Examples include changing the use classification from retail use to restaurant use, from agricultural use to light industrial, and from low density to high density.

3) PMRDA / MMRDA Works -

Any work you may have with regards to PMRDA (Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority) and MMRDA (Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority), we will surely help you with them. Getting your construction projects formal approvals and building sanctions will be made easy through us.

4) Occupant Class 2 Land Clearance -

Occupant Class means Bhogavatadar Varg. Occupant is a person having lawful and actual possession of the land.
Under section 29 of Maharashtra Land Revenue Code 1966 persons are classified into "Occupant Class I" and "Occupant Class II."
Occupant Class 1:

Person classified into this class is free to transfer the agricultural land without permission of collector in favour of person who is agriculturist.

Occupant Class 2:

Lands purchased by tenant under the provision of The Bombay Tenancy And Agricultural Lands Act 1948., lands granted by Government to the Schedule Cast/ Tribes persons, freedom fighter, member of army forces, ex-service man are allowed to transfer only after collector’s permission. Persons holding land under these categories are classified as an Occupant Class 2.

We will help get your land transferred or cleared from Class 2 to Class 1, thereby making it easy for you to sell or transfer your land.