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Agricultural Crop Loan -

What is Crop Loan?

The crop loan, coming under Kisan Credit Card (KCC) scheme, is provided to meet all expenses involved in raising a particular crop including various agricultural practices.


Farmers cultivating owned/Registered leased lands/share croppers.

Quantum of loan:-

As per the scale of finance fixed by the Technical Committee of each district. [Depending on merits of each case, bank branches may sanction crop Loans 35% more than the scale of finance fixed by district technical committee. In other cases where scale of finance is not specified, the branch will work out the credit requirements of the farmer.

Scale of Finance:-:-

Scale of finance is the finance required for raising a crop per unit cultivated area, i.e. acre or hectare. The scale of finance for different crops in a district is decided every year by District Level Technical Committee (DLTC). The District Central Co-operative Bank in the District acts as the Convener of this committee and all major banks in the District, State Agriculture Department officials, leading farmers, Lead District Managers, etc., act as its members. This committee which is a sub-committee of the DCC meets once in a year and fixes the scale of finance for each crop raised in the District.

QBuildcon's role:-

We, at Qbuildcon, have tie-ups with bank branches in the areas we have our properties in. We can help you in getting in touch with the bank officials and making it easy for you to go through the loan application process.
We will ensure full assistance from our end to get any kind of agriculture related loan disbursed at the earliest and in the easiest possible way.

Bank Credit Facilitation -

We have done tie-ups with the following banks:

१) Bank of Maharashtra

2) State Bank of India

3) Union Bank of India

4) ICICI Bank

5) Central Bank of India