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What is 7/12 extract?

One of the documents that provides evidence of the ownership of the land it represents. The extract gives information of the survey number of the land, the name of the owner of the land and its cultivator, the area of the land, the type of cultivation - whether irrigated or rain fed, the crops planted in the last cultivating season. It also records loans extended to the land owner given by government agencies, including the purpose - such as loans or subsidies for buying seeds, pesticides or fertilisers, for which the loan was given, the loans could be given to the owner or the cultivator.

7/12 extract is traditionally called ‘Saath Baara Utara’ in Maharashtra.

2 ways to purchase a property in Maharashtra

1. If you own agricultural land anywhere in India, you can purchase other agricultural land in Maharashtra. It means, prior ownership of a farm land is must if you have to own agricultural property in Maharashtra.

2. If you do NOT have agricultural land in your name anywhere in India, we have provisions to help you purchase agricultural land in Maharashtra.

Hence, if you purchase any agricultural land/plot with us, we will help you to get your name registered on the 7/12 extract.

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